Organically Energised Spring Water

Australian Sourced Spring Water


Awake water is sourced from a pristine, ever-flowing spring located in the scenic Southern Highlands of NSW. 

This unique water is filtered under immense pressure as it rises up from deep underground, using the surrounding mountains as a natural filter. 

Geologists have estimated that this filtration cycle takes over a millennia, resulting in untarnished water that has the essence and taste of true nature, as it once was prior to human interference.


Electromagnetic waves resonator
(Schumann resonance 7.83hz)
Sound frequency (454Hz)

structured spring water
awake structured water

The process of energizing our water

Electromagnetic waves resonators

Electromagnetic waves resonator (Schumann resonance 7.83hz) and various other earth based frequencies.

Sound frequency

We use state-of-the-art vitaliser programs that follow the principles of ‘acoustic crystals’, by producing a resonance to incite the water molecules to bond into high-energy clusters.

We also use Chants, prayers, consciousness-raising thoughts, music of peace, love and harmony are also used to further enhance this energization. As well as Crystals like Rose, Smoky Quartz, Shungite, Amethyst, and many others. Crystals  have highly-organised molecular structures themselves, and have been shown to have a positive effect on water’s structure.

We use state of the art Structured water vitaliser programs

These programs work on the principle of creating an “acoustic crystal”, by producing a special resonance in the water inciting the molecules of water bond in clusters that able to hold much more energy. We also combine that with chants, prayers, and consciousness raising thoughts and music of love, peace and harmony.

The final step to charging Awake water is exposing it to various crystals,  Orgon Accumulators and electromagnetic fields. It has long been shown that crystals like rose and, smoky quartz, Shungite, amethyst and many others have a positive effect on water, raising the energy and structure of water by many times over. Crystals are highly organised molecular structures, that  have the ability to store and propagate energy themselves. We are conducting ongoing research to understand and improve on synergy between these two modalities.

History of Structured Water

1988: a French Immunologist by the name of Jacques Benveniste conducts a revolutionary experiment, where he exposes certain antibodies to water, and then removes them leaving nothing but H2O. After the removal of the antibodies, Benveniste observes a reaction in certain blood cells that normally indicates the presence of antibodies. The results of this experiment suggest that the water had stored (or memorised) the properties of the antibody.

Luc Montagnier, a virologist and a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine, followed up Benveniste’s experiment by diluting certain DNA with water. He does so to the point where not a single molecule of DNA was left in the solution. He then manages to extract certain electromagnetic signatures associated with that original DNA, proving again that water has the capacity to store memory in its structure.

1995: The most  famous experiment to show that water has memory is conducted by Dr Emoto Massaru. His research involves playing either positive or negative music and chanting words to the water, then freezing it. He then observes the frozen crystals through a microscope, and concluded that positive music or intentions of love formed “beautiful” harmonious shapes, while negative music or intent produced the distorted “ugly” crystals. 

Another one of Dr Emoto’s experiments, which can be repeated at home, was to fill two identical bowls with rice and water, then direct positive intentions (love, joy, happiness) to one, and negative intentions (hate, disgust, shame) to the other. After 30 days, the love container should be virtually unaffected, while the hate bowl will start to rot. Proving beyond any doubt the incredible properties of water and its ability to interact with us. 

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